Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My first post...

This is the first time I've ever kept a blog so I'm not really sure what to do with it... hopefully it will be something exciting! As it says in my bio, my name's Rebecca and I'm a 21 year old student from Cambridge, England. I really love my home country and I'm sure at some point I'll share with you some of obscure, little known facts about it as well as the reasons why I love it. I love Germany too, so much so, in fact, that I decided to study German Studies at university. I love the language, the culture, the way of life... so much so that it's hard to put into words (though I'm sure I'll give it a go at some point).

Whilst I'm new to the world of blogging, I'm not entirely new to the world of writing online. I joined Hubpages a few weeks ago, and I've made quite a lot of progress there, writing over 30 articles (or Hubs, as we say there) on topics such as health, weight loss, nutrition.... That sounds like I could be accused of being a bit of a health freak, but I swear I'm not! I just think it's important to think about, and that we should do the best by our bodies that we can whilst still getting all the enjoyment that we can squeeze out of life. I'm sure a lot of the topics that I write about on Hubpages will also be the things that I talk about here, though perhaps in a different way.

I'm really excited to start blogging and though it all seems completely bewildering and nonsensical to me at the moment, I'm hoping I will figure it out soon. Wish me luck!


  1. Welcome to Blogger! Your blog is already off to a flying start, that's for sure! I love the layout - definitely better than my blog in its beginning! We already have some things in common, I absolutely adore Germany and am also studying the language too! Ich liebe Deutsch! I have read a couple of your articles on Hubpages and I can conclude without a doubt that you are such an eloquent writer!
    I can't wait to red your future posts, I am definitely your newest, most avid follower! It would make my day if you could follow me back! :) xxx

  2. wow I´m definetly following you,your blog is so classy! maybe you could follow me also?

  3. Thanks for the comment and the follow! I tried following you but it said that you're profile cannot be displayed and I'm not sure how else to find your blog! Sorry!